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New Web Site Plans
Web site renovations
Web-on-CD Solutions
Why Choose Us?
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New Web Site Plans

These plans provide an economical, yet flexible way to get you, your organisation or your business onto the WWW as quickly and as simply as possible.

Standard Site Self Managed Site Custom Site

Let us modify one of our pre-existing templates to match your corporate identity.

This plan is ideal for small businesses or individuals.


  • Standards compliant
  • Fast development time
  • Easy to own
  • Economical
  • Common navigation structure throughout your site
  • Fast load times
  • Ideal for 'brochure' style sites
  • Up to 10 pages of content
  • Up to 3 images per page
  • Template is 100% W3C Standards Compliant

- plus hosting

All the advantages of the Standard Site, plus, you can manage your own web content.


  • Never pay for simple changes to your web site again.
  • Provides a robust, standards compliant shell into which you can insert as much content as you like.
  • Advanced template creation protects your site from accidental changes, while providing enough flexibility for creating your own content.
  • Create unlimited numbers of pages for your site
  • Insert your own images into web pages
  • Easily convert your existing documents straight into your web site using advanced document translators.
  • Single site administrator/editor

- plus hosting
- plus required client software

Develop a new site from your ideas and specifications. A complete bespoke development from initial design to testing and implementation.

All the advantages of the Standard and Self Managed Site plans, plus:

  • Exactly the design that you want
  • Can be database enabled
  • Unique & distinctive style
  • Site can be set up for multiple editors
  • Site can have a 'review' process included before page publication.
  • Incorporation of interactive features like shopping carts, live chat etc.

AU$Contact Us for estimate

Contact us for site hosting options. We can help you select a plan appropriate to your budget and performance criteria.

Web Site Renovations

Does your current web site need some work? Looking a bit crusty? Perhaps it's not as 'visible' as it might be? Want to add some new features to your site? We can help.

We can help with Accessibility Standards Compliance, W3C Standards Compliance and other quality issues that might affect your web site, while retaining your current 'look and feel', or we can develop a whole new template for your site and retro-fit existing content.

Contact us for an estimate.

Web On CD Solutions

We can produce web sites designed to be distributed on CD-ROM or DVD.

Such projects can contain extensive video or other multimedia content, and can be fully text-indexed and made searchable.

Consider this solution for distribution of rich-content training materials, operating procedures or brochures.

Why choose Us as your Web Developer?

» Experience

We have over 10 years experience in web and database development spanning projects as diverse as content management systems, online trading systems and general web development. Our experience is your guarantee of quality, efficient project management and timely delivery.

» Quality

We take a 'Standards-Based' approach to web development.

All new web sites that we develop, or web site 'renovations' that we complete are subject to rigorous quality control, and are designed to meet all relevant standards as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to ensure the maximum possible interoperability between different web browsers and operating systems.

Read more about Standards Compliance in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

» Performance

Sites that we produce are lightweight, and are designed to load as quickly as possible, even on low bandwidth connections, through careful image compression and navigation structure design.

» Features

We can incorporate advanced features into your web site design, such as site search engines, live chat, forums, shopping carts and blogs.

» Accessibility

Web site templates that we produce are designed with Accessibility in mind, and are designed to meet US Section 508 requirements. It is our aim to meet at least WAI AA compliance (Priority 2) requirements on sites we produce.

Does your current web site meet accessibility requirements? You can test your own web pages for accessibility using the CynthiaSays tool.

Colours used for fonts, graphics and layout are tested to ensure legibility by those with restricted vision.

» Simplicity of Ownership of Your Web Site

We can design web sites that are easy to look after, and are maintainable by you.

Our design credo is "A perfect web site is one that is as simple as possible... but no simpler". That is to say that your new site should be as technically and visually simple as possible, while still conveying your intended message.

Simplicity of design equals simplicity of ownership- simple as that!

Take Control of Your Web Content

For a few extra dollars, we can put you in total control of your web site content, while 'locking' the site template and navigation structure, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring quality of design, without the hassles and expense of a database driven Content Management System.

If you are still calling your web developer to make simple changes to your web site, contact us for help.

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