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Folio of Completed Projects

a small selection of completed projects...

Musique Web Site

A web site for a community-based musical group


Jim's Cleaning OH&S CD-ROM

An HTML shell was constructed for the presentation of a number of safety related 'flash' videos. The viewer is guided through the material in a linear fashion initally, and must successfully complete questions at the end of each section before proceeding to the next.

Jim's Cleaning CD-ROM

Global Warming Group Queenscliffe

A community-based group that aims to raise awareness of the impact of climate change in their local area.

Global Warming Group Queenscliffe

Energy Efficient Products site redesign

This is an example of an operator maintained site. The proprietor of this site can update his site instantly and at any time from his laptop. It contains extensive product listings, and a way to enquire about any of the products instantly!

This was a total site re-design, including the addition of a simple shopping cart application, and an administrator tool to generate the 'add to cart' links, so that products may be easily included anywhere within the site.

folio image

Council of Textile & Fashion Industries of Australia Ltd

This project was a makeover of an existing site.

This site is entirely self managed. Code is 100% XHTML 1.1 compliant, and is Wet Accessibility Initiative AAA rated.

A clean, simple to update and easily navigable site was the design brief here. Page designs are 'lightweight', download quickly and present information clearly and concisely.

folio image

Carlton Primary School & the Carlton Community Lifelong Learning Hub

At time of writing this site is still under construction, so it's not quite complete yet, but you may have a look if you wish. The site template is an adaptation of the Swan Bay Environment Association web site (see below).

This is a new site project that we have undertaken as part of the VicNet Volunteer program. Your organisation may qualify for free design and hosting services!

folio image

Swan Bay Environment Association

A 100% Standards Compliant Website. Also validated to Web Accessibility Initiative AA rating.

Swan Bay Environment Association web site

Queenscliff Day Spa Web Site Redesign

A total renovation of an existing site incorporating all existing content, with a shopping cart added for good measure.

A cool, clean, modern image was required for this leisure industry business.

Crisp lines softened by carefully selected colours provide the necessary look and feel.

This web site owner maintains their own content. Find out how.

folio image

Australian TCF Technology Network

An easily maintainable web site using existing artwork to maintain corporate identity.

Australian TCF Technology Network web site

Australian Tyre Recyclers Association

folio image

Aussie Spec Constructions

This client maintains their own content! Ask us how!

folio image

Bayview Design & Drafting

This building firm maintains their own web site content. You can do it too, just ask!

folio image

Strategies for Teaching & Learning CD-ROM

This web-on-CD project contains LOTS of information for an in-house training program.

Around an hour of high quality QuickTime™ video was included, together with lots links to relevant online material, there is also an Audio presentation that is synchronised with graphical content on the CD.

folio image

"Charming Country" - Accommodation in Portarlington

An accommodation provider needed a simple method of accepting bookings, and displaying available dates on their web site.

The entire web site is owner maintained, and can be quickly and easily updated at any time by them.

Check out the nifty "availability" page!

folio image

Jim's Mowing OH&S CD-ROM

A leading service industry provider's needs for safety documentation distribution was met in this project.

It makes extensive use of QuickTime™ and Flash™ technologies to provide an engaging user experience.

The video presentation pauses in sections, so that users must answer a short self-test quiz before proceeding to the next section.

folio image

Builders' Workbook CD-ROM

This multimedia CD-ROM was built using Visual Basic, and Internet Explorer objects, and it contains a video presentation, a self-test quiz, and extensive safety documentation.

Behind the scenes, an efficient license control system is in place, ensuring that only those with rights to use can view the CD-ROM.

folio image

Kreitals Consulting

This is a simple site with clean flowing lines inspired by their company logo, maintaining consistence with an existing corporate identity.

folio image

Deakin University - CD ROM Project

A multimedia CD-Rom built entirely with web related technologies.

Extensive use of Quicktime™ technologies was used to present video and audio material.

All text based material was also presented in an easy to print format, for accessibility purposes.

folio image and

This site (or rather sites!) is and industry meeting point for the clothing, textiles and footwear industries in Australia.

It contains many advanced features, all developed using ASP/VB Script/Javascript, many of which are not apparent to the casual visitor, including and advanced product specification system, newsletter generation, an advanced news application that allows correspondents to edit their articles online, complete with images and other attachments, and a host of other features too numerous to mention!

Both sites are driven almost entirely from a database model, and there is an advanced administrator system which allows system administrators to modify the entire look and feel of a site from a web browser.

folio image

George Black Textile Group

This site was a complete refit of an existing design, complete with legacy ASP/VB Script/Database code which could not be altered.

A shell was developed which could be fitted around existing server-side code seamlessly.

folio image


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