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Multimedia CD-ROM Production

We have completed a number of Multimedia CD-ROM productions that incorporate a web site on a CD as a basis for delivering interactive, video and audio based presentations.

Advanced features can be included on these CDs including animation, full text search capabilities, quizzes and links to online web sites and other resources.

This can be a quick and flexible approach to multimedia CD-ROM production and can produce high quality results often at a fraction of the cost of "traditional" multimedia production techniques.

As a byproduct, it is often possible to produce an online version in addition to, or complimentary to the CD-ROM, or combine the two so that rich, high quality, bandwidth intensive content can be presented locally, while data services or other online material can be easily incorporated.

Some possible uses of "web on a CD" productions include:

These are just a few ideas of course! Applications for these technologies are only limited by your imagination..

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